DMWS currently operates across the UK and Cyprus. DMWS Welfare Teams are located within NHS Trusts and Boards in hospitals and communities and provide welfare support to the armed forces (serving, reservists and veterans), NHS staff, emergency services, The Merchant Navy and their immediate families.

We respond to civilian crisis, national emergency and military deployment. Since 1943 our welfare officers have deployed alongside the military to provide help and support in field hospitals during all major conflicts.

Armed Forces Hospital Welfare

DMWS are embedded in 46 NHS Hospital Trusts and community settings across the UK.

National Response Service

DMWS operate a UK-wide helpline available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Police Welfare

DMWS have provided a comprehensive and professional welfare service to Police Officers, funded by Police Federation.


DMWS are a key partner of Op RESTORE: The Veterans Physical Health and Wellbeing Service.


DMWS are the Single Point of Contact in London for Op COMMUNITY.

Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People

DMWS lead the VPPP portfolio in the Midlands region and are partners in six other projects across the UK, funded by AFCFT.

Northern Ireland Veterans Medical Welfare Service (NIVMWS)

DMWS provide a medical welfare service for veterans in Northern Ireland.