How can DMWS help you?

Are you a NHS Provider? DMWS can support you to deliver your Armed Forces Covenant Duty and provide an improved service for those from the Armed Forces Community. We can also provide direct Welfare and Wellbeing support to your staff to ensure they are supported to maintain physical and mental wellbeing and can open up and address issues they are facing which can be affecting their work and home life. To discuss options of how DMWS can help with your patients and/or your staff, please email and we will arrange for further discussions with one of our dedicated team members.

Are you a Military Professional? DMWS have a long and proud history of providing support to the Armed Forces Community, whether serving, reservists or veterans and their families and carers. To find out more please email and we will arrange for further discussions with one of our dedicated team members. If you are an individual or family member/friend of an individual needing support please see our Contact Us page for details.

Are you from a Blue Light Service? DMWS have several years of experience supporting Police Officers, and other blue light staff with stressful and traumatic issues and concerns. To find out more please email and we will arrange for further discussions with one of our dedicated team members.

Are you an employer of individuals who deal with stressful and potentially traumatic issues and event? So many aspects can affect a person’s welfare and wellbeing and it can be very difficult to raise these issues and worries with their immediate line management. There can also be issues that would be difficult to support within the immediate employment setting. Dedicated professional and independent welfare and wellbeing support can make a huge difference to an employee’s wellbeing and welfare and help them to maintain their work commitments or return to work more quickly after an event has affected their ability to work. DMWS has considerable experience in dealing with high pressure environments and being able to connect with people to help identify and resolve issues and concerns that can affect health and wellbeing and their work and home life. To find out more please email and we will arrange for further discussions with one of our dedicated team members.

What do DMWS do?

DMWS provide high quality, professional clinical and non-clinical welfare and wellbeing support in locations throughout the UK and overseas. Our beneficiaries are those who operate in or have served in stressful, high pressure and or traumatic work environments. This includes frontline services such as the Armed Forces Community, Police, and NHS.

With a focus on identifying barriers to wellbeing and recovery, improving and maintaining wellbeing and maintaining operational effectiveness we identify physical and mental health issues and concerns as well as a wide range of social, economic and environmental factors that can cause poor physical and mental wellbeing, stress and anxiety, social isolation and loneliness, issues with substance misuse, relationship and work problems, mental health issues, financial and housing issues.

Benefits to the Individual

  • Person centred support to build rapport and trust to identify issues and concerns
  • Immediate practical and emmotional support
  • Help to attend specialist support for issues and worries to make sure support is effective and appropriate
  • Hospital Bedside visits and telephone support
  • A confidential and impartial listening ear service
  • Help with resolving any medical care issues and to understand your treatment
  • Practical help such as providing toiletries and clothing
  • Providing your family with emotional and practical support when they visit you, and at home
  • Supporting you and your family when talking with your medical team
  • Help to make sure you have support and services in place when you leave hospital – we help to find solutions and provide onward supported referrals
  • Accompanying and supporting you at outpatient appointments and in the community or for home based treatment
  • Supporting you and your family to access services that can help you at home

Benefits to Healthcare Organisations

  • Reduces the likelihood of issues escalating into a crisis
  • Enables independent living & reduces social isolation by making supported connections local to the patient
  • Addresses Delayed Transfer of Care (Dtoc), delayed discharge, and improves bed flow
  • Capacity generator – releasing clinicians to do clinical work
  • Improves patient experience
  • Identifies support when the patient is at home to prevent unnecessary re-admissions/admission avoidance
  • Provides a single point of contact with an understanding of NHS, statutory, third sector health & social care, care navigation & social prescribing
  • Provides expertise in specialist military organisations and the services that are available to a veteran
  • DMWS delivers the government pledged Armed Forces Covenant

Benefits to Other Employers

  • Support to meet the Armed Forces Covenant Duty
  • Independent support for your colleagues welfare and wellbeing
  • Reduced cost of sickness absence
  • Heling your staff return to work well
  • Create and maintain a positive and supportive workplace
  • Increase productivity and operational effectiveness
  • Demonstrate employers duty of care
  • Enhanced organisational feedback
  • Training opportunities
  • Reduce the risk of complaint or litigation

If you think DMWS could benefit your organisation, email us at or use the button below to get in touch.