About the service

DMWS provide independent and confidential welfare support for Armed Forces veterans and their families/carers in Northern Ireland. We offer:

  • A confidential and person-centred service for veterans and their families.
  • Emotional and practical support.
  • Access to physical and mental health clinicians.
  • Signposting and supported referrals to veteran-friendly agencies.

Our service is built on considerable experience of operating in Northern Ireland and through collaboration with other key partners . This ensures that the service operates with respect to and in line with the political and security context of Northern Ireland. Key collaborations include:

This service ensures that veterans:

  • Receive consultations that they need with a clinician.
  • Provide support and guidance to manage acute and chronic conditions.
  • Link to appropriate specialist services as they become available and advocate for your needs if required.
  • Provide an up-to-date detailed account of the physical and or mental health condition you are experiencing, reducing the need for you to re-tell your story.
  • Receive available resources as quickly as possible for serious cases.
  • Provide an ongoing support service to help maintain good self-management with complex clinical conditions.
  • Can ‘wait well’ while waiting for onward referral or treatment.

Please note, the service does not:

  • Provide a second opinion.
  • Prescribe drug treatments or provide advice on drug treatment regimens.
  • Deal with issues where emergency response is required.

How to get support

You can self refer to this service.