DMWS provide Hospital Welfare Services to Armed Forces patients across the UK and are currently embedded in 46 NHS Trusts. Our Welfare Officers provide emotional and practical support at the bedside and back home.

We work with patients in a choice-based way to identify issues, problems or social or economic influences that are causing poor physical and mental wellbeing, delaying discharge or preventing a full recovery.

Our services are proven to make a real difference to patients and their loved ones. We are proud to:

  • Ease stress, anxiety, and loneliness
  • Provide comfort at the bedside
  • Identify potential mental health issues that can be impacting communication or treatment
  • Identify and arrange other support packages including housing, home adaptations, rehabilitation support, funding and benefits and connections with community groups
  • Quicker discharge / reduced delays to transfers back home
  • Reduce do not attends
  • Reduce unnecessary readmissions
  • Support with terminal diagnosis / bereavement
  • Help to save time and money for the NHS
  • Help NHS Trusts to meet their statutory duty under the Armed Forces Covenant