The Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) has been awarded a grant by the Veterans’ Foundation to continue the provision of welfare services for veterans throughout Nottinghamshire.

The grant will be used to continue welfare services to veterans across Nottinghamshire which include welfare, wellbeing and social care needs for veterans. The grant will also enable DMWS to support the NHS with discharge plans, where needed, and coordinate on-going support in community health settings or at home whilst the veteran is on a treatment pathway.

“We thank the Veterans’ Foundation for their generous grant. Their ongoing support and commitment will allow us to continue to provide medical welfare support to veterans throughout Nottinghamshire.”

Paul Gaffney, CEO.

The Veterans’ Foundation fund more than 500 grants and nearly 300 unique organisations, many of them small to medium-sized charities that, like DMWS, are helping members of the Armed Forces community who are in need. As the recipient of one of these grants, DMWS will be able to continue offer our professional and deeply compassionate welfare service throughout Nottinghamshire meaning veterans do not have to face illness, isolation and the stress and anxiety of the healthcare experience alone.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought extreme pressures and isolation for veterans and even now two-years into the pandemic the impact is still being felt. As an organisation we are encountering much higher levels of loneliness, even while veterans are in hospital, as there is pressure on staff time and families’ ability to visit can be restricted.

Whilst Covid-19 remains a top contributor to the isolation of veterans in the medical pathway there are several other concerns which DMWS offers support in. The top 10 concerns included:

  • Health Treatment (current regime)
  • Impact of health on family
  • General wellbeing
  • Social isolation
  • Covid-19
  • Loneliness
  • Disability because of current health issue
  • Barriers to independent living
  • Lack of support
  • Dementia

Overall, DMWS has supported over 350 veterans with issues associated to loneliness and isolation and 37 with end-of-life care. The funding received by the Veterans’ Foundation with allow us to further our commitment to supporting those who have served the nation.

Defence Medical Welfare Service details:

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Published: 17th January, 2022
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