Transatlantic comradeship brings happiness to terminally ill veteran

When 77 year old Army veteran George met DMWS Welfare Officer Donna Harrison at Salford Royal Hospital during his treatment for terminal lung disease, he told her that he didn’t need the usual welfare support provided by the charity. However, during their conversation he reminisced about his 25 years of proud army service and his wartime childhood. In particular he vividly remembered a specific type of chocolate bar, Peter’s chocolate, that he could get from his local confectioners and to this day it was, in his opinion, the best chocolate he has ever tasted! If he could only taste it again, he would be very happy.

Donna was touched by this small request, and after some Internet research she discovered that the chocolate was credited to a company in the USA. She then contacted Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, but their representative, Tim Thrush, informed Donna that his firm no longer appeared to stock the original Peter’s brand. However as a former US Navy serviceman, George’s story struck a chord with Tim and he vowed to continue the search to help out a fellow veteran.

Within a couple of weeks Tim had good news for Donna: he had tracked down a stock of the chocolate bars and would arrange for their delivery.

George was astounded that Donna and Tim had managed to find his beloved Peter’s chocolate, and was greatly touched by their kindness and the effort they had gone to in granting his wish.

DMWS would like to thank Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, and in particular Tim Thrush for their kindness and cooperation.

Published: 6th April, 2017
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