DMWS has provided a professional and confidential medical welfare service to the Armed Forces community for 75 years. With the number of veterans continuously growing, there is an increased demand for our professional service to support this community when they are receiving medical treatment.

Any hospital admissions or a programme of treatment can be a stressful and daunting experience. Being a veteran can bring its own set of challenges; returning home from combat, many suffer from ill mental health and often find it difficult to transition into civilian life. This can lead to other problems such as marriage breakdown, unemployment and homelessness. Combined with the transient nature of service life, veterans are less likely to have family nearby or a long established support network, leading to loneliness and isolation; all of which can hamper recovery.

Veteran’s health needs are significant; in general, veterans often experience physical health issues linked to their service, such as combat related injuries and back problems from carrying heavy equipment, ear, nose and throat problems, sleep disorders and chronic pain problems as well as mental health problems.

The benefit of providing additional welfare to veterans has now been recognised. In response, DMWS welfare officers are available for the veteran community to offer practical and emotional support when they receive medical treatment. The aim is to improve mental wellbeing, encourage a positive approach to treatment, reduce social isolation, and promote independence which can lead to earlier hospital discharge. Our person-centred service is tailored to the individual needs of the patient and their family.

Current projects and contacts

Please follow the links of the various different projects we currently run to support the entire Armed Forces community: serving personnel, reservists and veterans of all 3 services, their dependents and other entitled civilians when they need help during times of ill health.

Aged Veteran Support

For: Veterans Aged 65+ Where: Herefordshire, and Scotland (Fife and Lanarkshire)

Armed Forces South

For: Veterans Aged 65+ Where: Herefordshire, and Scotland (Fife and Lanarkshire)

Support during Recovery

For: Veterans Aged 65+ Where: Herefordshire, and Scotland (Fife and Lanarkshire)

General Enquiry Contact:

Telephone: 01264 774 000
The Old Stables, Redenham Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 9AQ

Referral Contact:

Telephone: 0800 999 3697


Need more help?

If our service does not match your needs but you still need support , why not get in touch with Veterans’ Gateway?

Veterans’ Gateway is a service that offers Veterans, their families and carers wide ranging help and support in areas including physical health, financial management, assistance with independent living, housing, mental wellbeing, and employment. Bringing together over 30 referral partners including Veterans UK, Mind and the Career Transition Partnership (with more to be added), Veterans’ Gateway is available to anyone who has served in the Armed Forces.

Veterans’ Gateway is improving access to welfare services and helping veterans receive the support they deserve, faster. The British Armed Forces community is estimated to be around 6 million and growing by 20,000 annually. However, almost 55% of veterans are currently ‘confused’ by the number of charity providers in the military sector

The 24 hours a day, seven days a week online chat, phone, and text message services are being delivered by Connect Assist in Nantgarw Cardiff whose team is comprised of veterans and other specialist advisors. After a needs assessment, veterans are quickly connected with the right support through the Veterans’ Gateway network of partners and organisations.

Contact Veterans’ Gateway:

Phone:  0808 802 1212