Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) have been announced as the Portfolio Lead for a new veterans’ project in the Midlands. The two-year Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People (VPPP) programme has been funded by The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and will bring together eleven partners across the Midlands who will receive grant funding.

At DMWS, we are excited to be working with an amazing set of partners, all of whom provide vital services to a wide range of veterans and their support networks. As partners we will be working together under a cohesive programme to enhance safe places where veterans can go and meet and pathways to support services that can help with mental health, wellbeing and friendship. The programme will also help provide training and support to staff and volunteers who work with veterans.

“We are delighted to have been appointed as the portfolio lead for the Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme in the Midlands, and bring together similar organisations who share the same goal as ourselves. At the Defence Medical Welfare Service, we are committed to supporting those who need us most, which is why we are looking forward to working alongside our new partners. This new project will allow us to continue to expand our support for the military community throughout the Midlands and will help our project partners deliver material benefits to the veterans they support.”

Paul Gaffney, Chief Executive DMWS

As the Portfolio Lead, DMWS will coordinate the partnership activity across a wide range of organisations who put veterans’ wellbeing at their heart. Working together we can be more than our individual parts; helping veterans and their families navigate to the best support for them tackling issues such a social isolation, loneliness, substance abuse and complex mental health issues.

Partners include: The Warrior Programme, Combat Stress, Fighting with Pride, Stepway, Veteran Community Network (Northampton), Motor Mission, YSS, The Poppy Factory, Loughborough Wellbeing Centre, Tri Service and Veteran Support Centre and Waterloo Uncovered. The programme will also extend informally to a wider network of unfunded partners who share the same vision and aims.

Together we can do more for those who have served their nation. We will strengthen the safe places that can offer support and direction, enhance the links and connection to make clearer pathways to the range of organisation that offer tailored assistance and invest in training the people who provide the support and services.


Notes to editors

For more information about Midlands Veterans Partnership or The Poppy Factory, please contact Sophie Stockings Business Support Coordinator– DMWS

Tel: 01264 774 000    Email:   

Portfolio members will use the funding from The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to deliver a wide range of activity to support veterans across the Midlands

Midlands Veterans Partnership

Published: 21st December, 2021
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