The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and their strategic partner, Greenwich Hospital, have awarded Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) a grant to continue the provision of welfare services to members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines veterans.

The grant will help fund the support we provide to Royal Navy and Royal Marines veterans to combat loneliness and social isolation, promote health and wellbeing, and improve mental health.

We are grateful to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and Greenwich Hospital for their generous grant. Their ongoing support and commitment allows us to continue to provide medical welfare support to those who need it most.

Paul Gaffney, CEO.

How does DMWS combat loneliness and isolation?

By utilising onward, supported referrals to introduce the Service User to support and activities. We look to introduce connections and activities to bring joy, interest and companionship back into their lives, improving both physical and mental well-being. We follow up to ensure that these are continuing to meet the service user’s needs.

How does DMWS promote health and wellbeing?

By addressing wider determinants of health, our service reduces stress and anxiety, improves health and wellbeing, utilises access to services and support, enables independent living, reduces social isolation, builds and promotes self-confidence, self-resilience and self-management. Early intervention prevents escalation to crises and the likelihood of requiring acute services, and reduces unnecessary readmissions and, delayed transfer of care.

How does DMWS help improve mental health?

Our Welfare Officers are trained to identify mental health issues and can offer support as needed. We also work very closely with the Veteran Trauma Network and mental health services in the NHS as well as Ops Courage to ensure support networks are utilised and in place for the Veteran who needs mental health service support.

 Grant Period: October 2021 – October 2022

Defence Medical Welfare Service Details:

The St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service (known as DMWS) is a registered charity in England and Wales (1087210) and in Scotland (SC045460) 

Registered Office: The Old Stables, Redenham Park, Andover, SP11 9AQ  
Phone: 01264 774 000 | Email:

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For more information on The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity please visit

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Published: 29th September, 2021
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