ASIST is a two-day interactive workshop in suicide first-aid. ASIST teaches participants to recognise when someone may be at risk of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety. Although ASIST is widely used by healthcare providers, participants don’t need any formal training to attend the workshop—ASIST can be learned and used by anyone. Over 1m people have undertaken ASIST training across 30 countries worldwide.

What will you learn?

In the course of the two-day workshop, ASIST participants learn to:
• Understand the ways personal and societal attitudes affect views on suicide and interventions
• Provide guidance and suicide first-aid to a person at risk in ways that meet their individual safety needs
• Identify the key elements of an effective suicide safety plan and the actions required to implement it
• Appreciate the value of improving and integrating suicide prevention resources in the community at large
• Recognise other important aspects of suicide prevention including life-promotion and self-care

The ASIST training is facilitated by two experienced, registered Master Trainers and arranged by DMWS.

How will you learn?

The training is a mixture of presentation and group work. Activities are structured around the ASIST intervention model and provide applicable, hands-on skills practice. Participants will learn to adapt to the specific circumstances of a person at risk and work collaboratively to help them stay safe. Participants are encouraged to reflect on and share their own attitudes about suicide and suicide intervention. This helps them understand how their perspectives may affect their role in providing help to a person at risk. By encouraging honest, open and direct talk about suicide, ASIST helps prepare to discuss the topic with a person at risk.

If you require any further information on the ASIST course, please contact us at

Please note: The ASIST course can be delivered to a group booking of between 8 – 12 participants with 1 suitable training room to be provided. For between 13 – 24 participants, 2 suitable training rooms will be required.

Unfortuantely, are no dates currently available for this course.

If you would like to enquire or express interest in future dates, please email
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