Dear Supporter

COVID-19 has impacted all of us and we want to reassure you of a few things.

We will, as we always have done, maintain our operational status responding to requests for assistance by our Service Users, the NHS and MOD. Our unique role and capability means that we remain responsive during this period of national emergency.

Any essential operational response for assistance by the NHS or MOD will be made in accordance with local NHS trust instructions and within local and national government guidelines.

To protect the health and well-being of our staff, their families, our service users and local communities during this period of social distancing, everyone at the Defence Medical Welfare Service (unless deployed in accordance with the above) will be working from home. We are adapting how we work together and continuing to support our community. 

In instances where we are not able to provide face to face support to service users in the patient care pathway, welfare officers will continue to provide our vital service to those serving in the forces, veterans and their families during their time of need via telephone. 

Our welfare service remains open and ready to respond. Referrals are made via DMWS emergency response service on 0800 999 3697 or (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). For all other business enquiries please contact our Head office on 01264 774000 where your call will be transferred to the person on Duty.

I am deeply proud of the response and service our welfare officers and staff have delivered within our hospitals and local communities during the COVID-19 outbreak and their commitment to continue to do so.

We all wish you and your families well.

Paul Gaffney

Published: 26th March, 2020
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