DMWS is an independent charity providing confidential medical welfare service to frontline staff; serving personnel, veterans, NHS & frontline staff, Merchant Navy & their immediate family whenever they are receiving medical treatment. Since 1943 we have operated across the UK and Cyprus . We also deploy overseas supporting those who put themselves in harm’s way to serve our country.

Hospital treatment or healthcare intervention whether planned or unplanned can be stressful and can bring with it feelings of isolation, stress and worry, all of which may hamper recovery. DMWS welfare officers and staff work with patients when their medical needs are being met but when other issues, problems or social influences may be distracting them from their recovery. We ensure that no family goes through the worry of injury or illness alone.

Our welfare officers are full-time professionals drawn from a variety of backgrounds including military, healthcare, social work and counselling. They are all trained in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and have a Diploma in Welfare Studies accredited by the Institute of Welfare.

How we help the patient:

DMWS offers a free, comprehensive and confidential medical welfare service to patients and their immediate family. Practical and emotional support tailored to individual needs include:

  • Bedside visits and telephone support
  • A confidential and impartial Listening Ear Service
  • Help with resolving any medical care issues and to understand your treatment
  • Practical help such as providing toiletries and clothing
  • Providing your family with emotional and practical support when they visit you, and at home
  • Supporting you and your family when talking with your medical team
  • Help to make sure you have support and services in place when you leave hospital
  • Accompanying and supporting you at Outpatient Appointments and community or home based treatment
  • Supporting you and your family to access services that can help you at home

How we help healthcare providers:

We not only support the patient and his/her family but also the health care providers by freeing up clinical staff to concentrate on their core duties.

The welfare and well-being services provided by DMWS Enable:

  • Reduces the likelihood of issues escalating into a crisis
  • Enables Independent Living & reduces Social Isolation by making supported connections local to the patient
  • Addresses Delayed Transfer of Care, Delayed Discharge, and Improves Bed Flow
  • Capacity generator – Release clinicians to do clinical work
  • Improves patient experience
  • Identifies support when the patient is at home to prevent unnecessary re-admissions / admission avoidance
  • Provides Experts in NHS, Statutory, and 3Sector Health & Social Care, Care Navigation, Social Prescribing and a Single Point of Contact
  • Provides Experts in specialist military organisations and the services that are available to a veteran
  • DMWS Delivers the government pledged Armed Forces Covenant

We also help employers such as the Police and the Armed Forces to demonstrate that they take their Duty of Care obligations seriously and contribute to a swifter discharge from hospital, a quicker recovery for the patient and an earlier return to work.

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For a referral please contact us on:

Tel: 0800 999 3697 (’DMWS’)

For a referral please contact us on:

Tel: 0800 999 3697 (’DMWS’)