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We are an independent charity providing medical welfare to The Armed Forces, Veterans, NHS Staff, Emergency Services, The Merchant Navy & their immediate family when they are receiving medical treatment in hospital. Our practical and emotional support ensures that no family goes through the worry of illness or injury alone.

Since 1943 DMWS has deployed to areas of conflict with the Armed Forces working alongside medical staff in the Field Hospitals.

DMWS is also an external provider of expert Welfare, Resilience and Mental Health First Aid Training for preventative and interventional strategies for people working in the welfare arena and those wanting to improve their knowledge and confidence in supporting others.

What is medical welfare?

We work with patients when their medical needs are being met but when other issues, problems or social influences may be distracting them from their recovery. Our support is person centred, tailored to the individual.

Whether it be a life-threatening injury sustained by a soldier, or a housing crisis for a military veteran, PTSD diagnosis for an NHS hospital worker, a police officer returning to work after a traumatic incident; we help navigate the healthcare pathway, unlocking the solutions to improve wellbeing and support recovery. ​

Our comprehensive and confidential medical welfare service supports patients, their immediate family as well as to their primary care givers and healthcare professionals. We operate in hospitals and recovery centres across the UK and Cyprus. View our Locations

Why is there a need for the DMWS?

We believe that it is only right to provide a high-quality medical welfare service to those who serve the nation and the community during their most critical time of need. DMWS brings the Covenant between the Armed Forces and the Nation to life through its support of the wounded, injured and sick whilst under hospital care. We help the employers of the Armed Forces, blue light services and healthcare workers to demonstrate that they take their Duty of Care obligations seriously and contribute to a swifter discharge from hospital, a quicker recovery for the patient and an earlier return to work.

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DMWS Headquarters:

The Old Stables, Redenham Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 9AQ

General Enquiry Contact:

Telephone: 01264 774 000
Email: info@dmws.org.uk

Referral Contact:

Telephone: 0800 999 3697
Email: referral@dmws.org.uk

The St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service (known as DMWS) is a registered charity in
England and Wales (1087210) and in Scotland (SC045460)
Company Limited by Guarantee No. 04185635 (England and Wales)

DMWS will be remembered by all the families they have helped. Going that extra mile every day of the week, far beyond their call of duty.  

Mother of a Royal Marine injured by an IED